Premium Business NZ Web Hosting

Our Premium Business NZ Web Hosting Plan is High End NZ Web Hosting, housed on a New Zealand Based Server Network.

NZ Web Hosting Unlimited

We introduced our Premium Business NZ Web Hosting Plan due to a lack of High-End Business Grade Hosting in the New Zealand market. There was already some NZ Web Hosting at the bottom end of the market, on lower spec single server systems. However there wasn’t much available in the high quality end of the market. The problem with low grade hosting, is that it can suffer from both reliability issues and a lack of customer support, where high end hosting can offer both the superior reliability and the extra support that businesses need. A high level of server stability and reliability is something critical to most New Zealand businesses, and minimising downtime is essential.

As any NZ Web Hosting service is critical to NZ businesses, our upstream providers have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on this NZ Web Hosting network. This investment not only ensures maximum capacity, but also that everything on the NZ Linux server network is doubled up to provide redundancy. This means that in the event of a hardware failure, another system waiting idly can pick up service in seconds, reducing potential interruption.

Our upstream providers are constantly reviewing hardware and replacing outdated systems where necessary, as well as continuing to build on the hosting network to increase capacity and redundancy.

Our Premium Business NZ Web Hosting Plan also comes with a New Zealand developed Hosting Control Panel, that allows clients to manage all aspects of their website hosting, domain name management, and email in real-time, using just their web browser. This is achieved all in one single unified control panel.

For more in-depth information on our Premium Business NZ Web Hosting, please click here.

If you are looking for lower priced web hosting that has quotas, or a business web hosting plan that is customised to your specific requirements, please contact us.

Want to see how our web and email hosting control panel works? We have illustrated tutorials in our userguide.

$45+ gst per month

NZ Web Hosting for a
single website

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Addon websites can be added to your account, for just $20 +gst per month, for each additional website, each with it’s own diskspace and bandwidth allocations.

Web Hosting Features

  • 10,000MB (10GB) Total Disk Space
    (5GB Website + 5GB Email Storage)
  • 10,000MB (10GB) Premium Bandwidth
  • Linux Servers
  • New Zealand Based Servers
  • NZ Based Support
  • Personal Support Manager
  • SSL Certificate (https://) Compatible*
  • Shared Hosting Platform
  • Cluster made up of over 500 systems
  • Website Statistics (AWStats)

E-Mail Features

  • Domain Based Email
  • 10 Email Mailboxes
  • 5,000MB (5GB) Email storage per site
  • POP, IMAP, Webmail, SMTP
  • Atmail Webmail
  • Spam and Virus Filtering
  • High-Availability

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Domain Name Features

  • Integrated with Web Hosting
  • DNS Zone Management
  • 1-10 Year Registrations
  • Wide range of extension options

Development Features

  • MariaDB 10.1, MySQL 5
  • PHP 7, PHP 5.3
  • APC Caching (PHP)
  • Google PageSpeed (available, off by default)

Why our Business NZ Web Hosting Plan is just ‘BETTER’

NZ Web Hosting

Our NZ Web Hosting is compatible with most popular CMS and E-commerce Software

Our NZ Web Hosting is compatible with most popular open-source Content Management Systems (CMS) and web applications. This includes powerful CMS’s such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Silverstripe and Concrete 5 to name but a few. Our NZ Web Hosting is also compatible with most of the popular Opensource Ecommerce platforms out there. This includes powerful Ecommerce systems such as Prestashop, Opencart, and OS Commerce. It should also support most other CMS’s and Ecommerce software that support LAMP hosting, using PHP and MySQL. CMSs are always releasing new versions, and their server requirements can be different from older versions. So please check the the system requirements of the CMS you are planning to use, to see if the specs are compatible with our servers.

Business Email

Read more in-depth information about our email systems.


FAQ’s about our Premium Business NZ Web Host Plan?

Visit our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page for more information.


Why our Premium NZ Web Hosting is better…

Read why our Premium Web Hosting plans better than other hosting providers out there.


Our Networks

Read about our New Zealand Based Datacentre.

Additional resource packs

More than 99% of websites hosted on our NZ web hosting network do not need  to buy these resource packs, as those websites are easily accommodated within the standard quotas. It is only the high resource websites (the 1% of top users on the network) that may need to purchase additional resource packs.

Need more server resources for our Business Web Hosting plan? We have the following range of server resource packs available for purchase as addons for our hosting plan. These packs are in addition to the resource quotas that are included as standard with the Business Web Hosting plan.

Additional Web Storage PacksAdditional Traffic PacksAdditional Mail Storage Packs
10GB Web Storage Pack     
$49.90 + GST per month
10GB Traffic Pack
$29.90 + GST per month
10GB Mail Storage Pack
$49.90 + GST per month
25GB Web Storage Pack
$89.90 + GST per month
50GB Traffic Pack
$99.90 + GST per month
25GB Mail Storage Pack
$89.90 + GST per mont
50GB Web Storage Pack
$149.90 + GST per month
100GB Traffic Pack
$159.90 + GST per month
50GB Mail Storage Pack
$149.90 p/m + GST per month
100GB Web Storage Pack
$249.90 + GST per month
500GB Traffic Pack
$499.90 + GST per month
100GB Mail Storage Pack
$249.90 + GST per mont
250GB Web Storage Pack
$499.90 + GST per month
250GB Mail Storage Pack
$499.90 + GST per month

More details and FAQs on our resource packs can be found here.

*Additional fees apply for SSL Certificates on our Business Plan. SSL requires a dedicated IP which we currently do not charge clients for. A setup fee of $99.95 + GST applies for installation of a secure certificate, and each time a certificate is installed. If you would like to purchase your certificate through us so we handle its setup, secure certificates are $89.95 + GST for 1 year, or  $174.95 + GST for 2 years. Please contact us if you want a secure certificate installing on your website.


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