Hosting FAQ’s

What is Premium Business Quality Clustered Web Hosting? Why do I need this for my business?

Our Premium Business Quality Clustered Web Hosting is designed to keep downtime for your websites and email to an absolute minimum. Our target market is New Zealand businesses and consumers who need a  high level of uptime, but don’t have a large IT budget to spend on complicated load-balanced, multi-server solutions. It is perfect for web sites that are not busy enough to need the increased hardware resources of a VPS or a dedicated hosting server, but still need to have access to high-end business grade hardware and uptime.

Our Premium  Business Quality Clustered hosting is ideal for many NZ business websites, online stores,  web designers, photographers,  bloggers, or anyone who needs the peace of mind that can be found in high-end business grade web hosting.


How does your Premium  Business Quality Clustered Web Hosting react to hardware failures?

A major concern with traditional shared web hosting using just a single web server, is the risk of hardware failure. This may include things like a simple hard drive failure, to major event of a motherboard failure. Such failures will usually result in total downtime of all services, until such a time as the problems are fixed. This will usually knock out all services including websites and email that are hosted on that server. Time to fix can take anywhere from an hour , to a day, and in some cases even longer, especially if there is more than one problem and the problem is difficult to diagnose. In the case of hard drive failure, there are also disk checks which can take many hours, especially with the increased size of hard drives these day.

Our Premium Business Quality  Clustered Web Hosting provides more protection against these potential problems. We use multiple servers for each service, including separate servers for email, websites, and databases. This increases the redundancy and reduces the risk of total loss of service due to hardware failure. Please view our diagram below which compares our Premium  Business Quality Cluster Hosting, with traditional single server shared hosting.



What are the advantages of using a NZ Based server network like ours?

There are many advantages with hosting your website and email on NZ based servers. These include:

  • Fast website loading times and response times. Your website has less distance to travel and less connections to go through. Uploading can also be a lot faster, than uploading data to overseas based servers.
  • Improved Search Engine rankings. Some search engines use the IP of the server as a way to find out where the website is based. If it detects an offshore IP, then the website also may get indexed as an overseas based website in search engine searches, which could negatively affect your businesses search engine ranking.
  • Reduced network congestion. Connections within New Zealand only have to travel across a small number of networks to get to the server. While connecting to an overseas based server will require a higher number of different networks, increasing the risk of congestion on one of those networks.
  • You are supporting the New Zealand Economy, and a 100% NZ owned business. The money you pay for your hosting remains stays in NZ and gets recycled back through NZ economy. It also goes to pay NZ employees. Buying overseas hosting, or NZ hosting owned by overseas owned company by keeping the knowledge and financial resources within New Zealand shores.
  • Local hosting knowledge. We have over a decade of knowledge of the NZ hosting market.


What CMS and E-commerce Software does this hosting support?

Our Web Hosting is compatible with most of the popular open-source Content Management Systems (CMS) and web applications. This includes powerful CMS’s such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Silverstripe and Concrete 5 to name but a few. It should also support most other CMS’s that support LAMP hosting, using PHP and MySQL.

NZ CMS Hosting
NZ Ecommerce Hosting

Our Web Hosting is also compatible with most of the popular Opensource Ecommerce platforms out there. This includes powerful Ecommerce systems such as Prestashop, Opencart, OS Commerce. It should also support most others that support LAMP hosting with PHP and MySQL.

Do you only do NZ Business Web Hosting?

No we don’t. In fact our Premium Business Quality Web Hosting is perfect for most types of websites, whether it is for personal use, or business.  Our hosting is for clients that demand a higher level of reliability and redundancy for their website and email.  However we do market our web hosting services to the New Zealand Business market, as this market has higher level requirements and standards for their hosting, which often is not met by much of the lower quality web hosting in the market.

What happens if I go over my quotas?

The quotas on our Business Plan have been designed so more than 99% of accounts hosted on the network, will be accommodated within the set quotas.  The quotas are however not hard quotas, so unlike many other providers who will suspend services for exceeding the quotas, if you happen to exceed your quotas on this plan, your email and website will continue to work. Your account shouldn’t get suspended and be forced offline for exceeding it’s quotas, except in exceptional circumstances where it is causing a major problem. We understand that the cost in the loss of business and the inconvenience with suspending a website or email, because it has used over it’s quota, is likely to be substantial. So instead of doing this, should a clients website be in the top 1% of users who are using in excess of their fair share of server resources, and the quota is exceeded, then those clients will be contacted to arrange the purchase of the most appropriate resource package for their requirements.  Pricing for addon hosting resource packages can be found here.

Is your NZ Business Web Hosting Plan ‘Shared Web Hosting’ or ‘VPS’?

Our NZ Business plan is Shared Web Hosting. Shared hosting has a lot of advantages when it comes to a hassle free web hosting environment. With shared web hosting, the backend server environment is all setup and maintained for you, and the network is all monitored 24/7/365 in case of any issues. Generally with basic VPS plans, the end user has to manage all these services themselves, as well as buy/lease server licenses if they want to use it for the hosting of websites.