Hatch Invest Referral Code | Hatch Invest New Zealand | Free $10 Credit*

For a very limited time, Hatch Invest are offering a free $10 credit to any of our friends using our referral code link. To qualify, you must signup to Hatch Invest using our referral code link, and make an initial deposit of $100NZD or more into your Hatch account within 14 days of signing up.

Hatch Invest allows New Zealand investors to invest in global markets, including US-listed shares, online in an affordable way. It also allows New Zealand investors to buy fractions of a full share, so investors can purchase parts of a US company, that may have a single share price over a thousand dollars. For example, Alphabet Inc, which has been over $1400 per share. With Hatch Invest,  it really opens up investment options fpr New Zealanders.   Hatch Invest is operated by Kiwi Wealth.

The Hatch Referral Code link you need to use to signup, and receive you free $10 credit is

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Please note that you need to fully complete the entire signup process in order for you to qualify for the free $10 credit, as part of the Hatch referral code terms. You must also deposit at least $100 into your account within 14 days of singing up and verifying your information with Hatch. We have noticed that some friends have started signing up, but have not yet completed the signup process. So they have not received their free $10 credit.


Please note that we also receive a $10 commission if you signup as part of this offer. This offer may be withdrawn at anytime by Hatch. We are not responsible if you signup and don’t get the $10 credit. You must fully abide by Hatch Invests T&C’s. None of the information on our website constitutes any financial advice. You should contact a financial advisor for any financial advice. We don’t endorse any companies we list on this page. Any investment is at your own risk.