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Domainz and NZ Domain Names – Clearing up any confusion

There is still quite a lot of confusion out there about New Zealand NZ Domain Names, the involvement of Domainz. Even some of our own clients who registered their NZ domain names originally many years ago, have been confusd. So we have written this article to help to clear up any confusion that people may […]

NZ Domain Names

Deadline to register reserved .NZ domain names is running out

The deadline to register your reserved second level .nz Domain Name(s) is 1.00pm on 30 March 2017. If your domain isn’t registered and paid for before then, then the domain will be released back into the public pool, allowing anyone to register it. Please note that to register a reserved domain name, you will need […]

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Should I Retain My Existing .co.nz Domain Names?

Last year we saw the release of the new shorter .NZ domain name extension, which gave many businesses the opportunity to register the shorter version of their existing .co.nz domain name. For example, if a business had the domain  mybusiness.co.nz, they may have had the preferential right to register the shorter domain mybusiness.nz . As […]

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Less than 5 days left to register your shorter PRR .NZ Domain Name

September of last year saw the introduction of .nz domain at the second level.  So you are now able to register  the shorter version of your New Zealand domain name, so you can have yourcompany.NZ as well as yourcompany.CO.NZ. Since it’s introduction, over 50,000 shorter simpler .nz domain names have been registered.   Depending on […]

NZ Domain Names

Time is running out to register your shorter .nz domain.

Time is running out to register your shorter .nz domain. If you’re eligible to register or reserve the shorter version of your .nz name, you’ve only got until 1pm 30 March 2015 to register and pay for your domain. Most of our clients who wanted the shorter version of their NZ domain, have already registered […]

New NZ Domains

Lots of New Top Level Domain Name Extensions Released

Our clients are now able to register a whole new range of recently released Top Level Domain Name Extensions. Gone are the restrictions of .co.nz, .com, .net etc at the end of your domain. You can now register new domains such as .builder, .kiwi, .bike or .me ! Most of these new domain names are […]

NZ Domain Names

.NZ Domains 30 Day expiry for UDAIs

.NZ Domain Registrants should know that UDAIs (Unique Domain Authorisation ID) for all .NZ domains now expire after 30 days after they have last been generated. If you have previously saved your UDAI and it is older than 30 days, it will now be invalid. If you need your domain UDAI for registering a new […]

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Apply to Pre-register a shorter .NZ Domain Name TODAY

Stake your claim in the .NZ land grab Apply to Pre-register a shorter .NZ domain TODAY   For the first time ever, ‘second level’ domains like the .co in ‘.co.nz’ and the .org in ‘.org.nz’ are going to become optional. You’ll be able to get .NZ domain names with them, without them, or both. For […]

NZ Domain Names

New .NZ Domains Coming 30th September – New era of choice in .nz domain names

The .NZ Domain Registry has announced that from 1pm, 30 September 2014, a significantly amended .nz policy will come into effect – ushering in a new era of choice in .nz domain names. From that date, people will be able to register shorter, simpler, more representative names immediately before the .nz – as well as […]

Kiwi Domain

.kiwi Domain Names Now Available

As of the 1st May, .kiwi domains can now be registered from the Lounge Network. For you or your customers this might be a great opportunity to own a piece of digital real estate that’s been unattainable under .co.nz. You might also be interested in protecting your intellectual property under the new TLD. We are […]