Less than 5 days left to register your shorter PRR .NZ Domain Name

September of last year saw the introduction of .nz domain at the second level.  So you are now able to register  the shorter version of your New Zealand domain name, so you can have yourcompany.NZ as well as yourcompany.CO.NZ. Since it’s introduction, over 50,000 shorter simpler .nz domain names have been registered.


Depending on what domains you are the registrant of, and when you registered them, you may have Preferential Rights (PRR) on the new shorter .nz version/s.

These PRR rights will expire at 1pm 30th March 2015

From 1pm 30th March, any domains with PRR status will be available to the general public and anyone will be able to register them on a first come – first served basis.

This means if you currently have Preferential Rights (PRR) to yourcompany.NZ, and you haven’t previously registered it, anyone will be free to register it from 1pm on the 30th March 2015

Don’t let someone else register the shorter version of your .nz domain name – Protect your brand.

Next Steps

If you have already registered your shorter .NZ domain name/s, you don’t need to do anything. Most of our clients registered their shorter .NZ domains names last year when we emailed them, so most of our clients won’t  need to do anything.

You also don’t need to do anything if you don’t want the shorter version of your domain name.

However if you haven’t registered your shorter PRR .NZ domain yet, or you are not sure if you did, you can check to see if you have Preferential Rights (PRR) using our Whois Domain Search Tool.

Launch the Domain Search Tool

If you do have PRR rights to your shorter domain, it will appear on the results screen of our domain search tool, under ‘query_status’ as per the screenshot below.

whois nz domain lookup


If the query status shows your shorter domain is ‘PRR’, as per the screenshot above, then you only have until 1pm on the 30th March to register it, before it becomes available for anyone else to register. If you do want to register your shorter PRR .NZ domain, please read our tutorial further down this page, which shows the process of registering a PRR domain.

If the search result shows that your domain is ‘Conflicted’ , then it means that the shorter .NZ domain can’t currently be registered due to other parties also having an interest in registering the shorter domain. You can read more information on Conflicted Domains at

If you find that your selected domain is ‘Available’ then that means that your shorter domain is currently available for anyone to register it. You should register the domain immediately via our Domain Manager, if you do want to secure that shorter domain name.

TUTORIAL – How to register a PRR .NZ Domain

If you decide that you do want the shorter version of your existing .NZ domain name, and it is in PRR status, you need to register it via our Advanced Domain Manager Control Panel at

Launch the Domain Manager Control Panel

First you will need to generate the UDAI code for your current longer domain name. eg If your current domain is yourcompany.CO.NZ, and you want to register the new shorter domain yourcompany.NZ, you will first need to generate the UDAI for yourcompany.CO.NZ.

If we are your Domain Provider for your longer domain name, then you can generate your UDAI by following our UDAI tutorial at . If your longer domain name is with a third party domain provider, you will need to contact your domain provider for your UDAI.

After generating your UDAI, you will instantly be emailed your UDAI code. If you don’t receive it, please check your spam or junk mail folder.

Once you have received your UDAI, you are now ready to register your PRR domain.

(1) Log into the Advanced Domain Manager
(2) From the left side menu, Click the ‘Domains‘ button.
(3) Next, click the ‘Register PRR / Resolved / Reserved Domains’ Link, as per the screenshot below.

(4) Next enter your shorter .nz  domain name, add a vertical separation bar, and then paste in the UDAI, in the format as shown in the screenshot below.

(5) Follow all the onscreen instructions, to complete the registration process.

At the end of the registration process you will be sent payment instructions. It is important payment is made immediately to minimise any delay in registering your PPR domain.

Please note that we MUST receive payment before 1pm on the 30th March, or we will not be able to register your PRR domain in time.




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