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Reliable NZ Web Host

Need a Reliable NZ Web Host Provider?

One of the most common types of enquiries we get at the Lounge Network, is from people who are having trouble with their current NZ Web Host provider. They are contacting us as a potential new reliable NZ Web Host for their website hosting. One of the common traits with these types of enquiries, is that […]

Major Upgrades to our CPanel Web Hosting Platform

Over the last few months our upstream providers have been rolling out a new shared platform onto CPanel servers to take them to the next level. These upgrades are meant to accommodate where the internet and websites are going, rather than where it has been. To do that, we have gone back to basics to […]

NZ Web Hosting

NZ Web Hosting Scams

There are a huge number of scams out there on the internet, and dodgy web hosting by unscrupulous scammers is one such scams. There are possibly thousands of scam web hosting companies, mainly operating out of countries such as India, China and Russia, which spam people offering unlimited web hosting deals for tiny prices. The […]

NZ Web Host

Has your NZ Web Host done a disappearing act?

Every now and then we get contacted by website owners hosted by other web hosts, telling us that their website has gone offline and they can’t contact their web host. They are wanting us to urgently help them get their website and email back online. Their existing web hosts website maybe offline, and all attempts […]

Are all NZ Web Hosts suitable for business use?

There are many NZ web hosting companies out there, but the question many businesses may ask is, are they all suitable to host my businesses website and email on? The short answer is NO, they aren’t. Not all web hosting is the same quality, as not all web hosting has the same redundancy, backups and […]

Is your NZ Web Host a real Kiwi Web Host?

There are many web hosting providers now operating in the NZ market. However we have noticed that although many of them appear to be NZ businesses, many in fact aren’t. There are even some that have no physical New Zealand presence at all, yet they use a .NZ domain name and strong New Zealand branding […]

NZ Web Hosting Provider’s who just disappear overnight.

Over the last month we have seen a dramatic rise in the number of enquiries from people, whose NZ web hosting provider has just disappeared. Their website was online one day, and the next day it was gone… They have also tried to contact the web host, but the web hosts own website has disappeared. […]

Why cheap web hosting can end up costing more in the long run

There are always web hosting companies who will undercut others on price. But there is often a high unquantifiable price to be paid with using cheap web hosting. Often cheaper hosting is far lower spec, and can be unreliable and overloaded, with minimal or no backups, and poor quality support. So hosting should never be […]

NZ Domain Names

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Domain Name For Your Business

Choosing the right domain name for your business or for personal use is one of the most important you can make. This is especially the case for businesses, so it is important to get it right first time. This is because your domain name is something that you will use for both your email and […]