NZ Web Hosting Provider’s who just disappear overnight.

Over the last month we have seen a dramatic rise in the number of enquiries from people, whose NZ web hosting provider has just disappeared. Their website was online one day, and the next day it was gone…

They have also tried to contact the web host, but the web hosts own website has disappeared. This means that they either can’t find any contact details, or no one is replying to their emails to them.

So where has the web host gone?

Well they may have just ceased trading, shut up shop and turned off their web hosting servers. Or they may not have paid their bills, and had their servers shut off by their upstream providers. There could be many different reasons, and all we can do is guess. But one thing is for sure, you will very likely need to look for a new web host, and preferably a Premium New Zealand web hosting provider like the Lounge Network.

So what can you do, if your web hosts just disappears?

Normally it is just a case of finding a new web hosting provider (hopefully a better quality one than your last host). Then you would need to upload your website onto their servers, and then point your domain to the new host. However what happens if you don’t have a copy of your website files? If the web host had your only copy, and they have disappeared, then your website could very well be lost forever. It is amazing that this still happens, and we have to tell the  people that contact us, that there is nothing that we can do to get their old website back online again.

This is one of the risks of buying web hosting services based on price alone, and it is often the lowest price web hosts that do the disappearing act, due to an unsustainable business model.

If you are one of those unfortunate people whose web host has done a disappearing act, please contact us to move your hosting to our Premium NZ based web hosting platform. We can help you with this.

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