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Reliable NZ Web Host

Need a Reliable NZ Web Host Provider?

One of the most common types of enquiries we get at the Lounge Network, is from people who are having trouble with their current NZ Web Host provider. They are contacting us as a potential new reliable NZ Web Host for their website hosting. One of the common traits with these types of enquiries, is that […]

Top NZ Web Hosting Support

We regularly get new clients signing up to our NZ Web Hosting services, after they have moved to us from another NZ Web Hosting company. Often their main reason for moving to us is because they have heard good things about our service and support, and they are dissatisfied with their  current web hosts service […]

Orcons / iServes Windows hosting end of life, we can help

We have been notified that the iServe Windows platform operated by Orcon is now end of life, and they won’t be upgrading to new windows servers. This means that websites on that platform that need windows servers, will need to find a new web hosting provider before they turn them off shortly. Lounge Network can […]

Are all NZ Web Hosts suitable for business use?

There are many NZ web hosting companies out there, but the question many businesses may ask is, are they all suitable to host my businesses website and email on? The short answer is NO, they aren’t. Not all web hosting is the same quality, as not all web hosting has the same redundancy, backups and […]

NZ Domain Names

.KIWI.NZ domains are 1 year old.

Approximately a year ago .kiwi.nz domains started being sold in New Zealand, and there are now 9,000 active .kiwi.nz domain names. If you are wanting to register a .kiwi.nz domain name, or infact any domain name, you can do so via our online .NZ Domain Manager. You can setup a .NZ Domain Name Manager Account […]

Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact

NZ Businesses Still Spamming

Since 2007 when the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 came into force, it has been illegal for NZ businesses to send unsolicited commercial emails to people,(referred to as SPAM) who hadn’t previously agreed to receive them. However from our own experiences, many businesses are still unaware of the laws, and are carrying out some very […]

Global WordPress Brute Force Attack

There is currently an on-going and highly-distributed global attack on WordPress installations across virtually every web hosting provider in the world. This has been going on for several days. Although we haven’t seen any examples of problems on our own network, it is occurring elsewhere. Symptoms of the problem include slow website loading, or failing […]

Concrete 5


All of Lounge Networks linux web hosting plans support the Concrete5 CMS . Concrete5 is a free opensource content management system, that is very powerful yet easy to use. Host your website with a NZ web host. Concrete5 makes running a website easy. Go to any page in your site, and a editing toolbar gives […]


Silverstripe Web Host

Being a Wellington Web Host, we are proud that we are also able to host a Wellington developed content management system, Silverstripe. All of the Lounge Networks linux web hosting plans do support Silverstripe. Silverstripe is a free open source content management system, that is very powerful yet easy to use, and best of all […]