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NZ Domain Name Scams

We are aware of a range of different domain name scams that are targeting both .NZ domain registrants, and .com and other international Domain extensions. These type of scams have been going on for many years, but in recent times they have become more common. Often these scams are in the form of an invoice […]

Windows Server Updates – NZ Windows Hosting

We have a small number of clients who are still hosted on the old Windows hosting platform, which has now reached the end of its life.  This platform is no longer supported by Microsoft and they no longer release security patches for it. Websites on this platform will therefore be migrated by our upstream providers […]

KERNEL MEMORY ISSUE: Meltdown / Spectre NZ

You may be aware of the global Kernel Memory Leakage vulnerability issues relating to CPU vendors which was announced to the public late last week by international media. Our upstream provider is working on this and has outlined what you need to know below and they are actively working with their hardware vendors and operating system […]

Reliable NZ Web Host

Need a Reliable NZ Web Host Provider?

One of the most common types of enquiries we get at the Lounge Network, is from people who are having trouble with their current NZ Web Host provider. They are contacting us as a potential new reliable NZ Web Host for their website hosting. One of the common traits with these types of enquiries, is that […]

Premium Business NZ Web Hosting Plan Upgrades

We are pleased to announce that our Premium Business NZ Web Hosting Plan has been upgraded. This hosting plan now supports PHP 7 and MariaDB 10.1. Clients should be able to switch to PHP 7 by selecting the PHP 7 (new) domain template, when editing their domain settings. With MariaDB 10.1, if you don’t see this option […]

Wellington Earthquakes and Office disruptions

As you may already know Wellington and upper parts of the South Island were rocked by a severe earthquake this morning, causing quite a bit of damage. The regions continues to be rocked by severe aftershocks. We hope everyone is safe and ok across NZ. Our main office has been disrupted by the Wellington earthquakes. […]

Drupal Hosting NZ – Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities

Drupal has identified some remote code execution vulnerabilities on several contributed modules on version 7.x . If your Drupal Hosting NZ is with us, please keep reading. Customers who sites run on Drupal are urged to review these announcements on the Drupal site, and update the affected plugins – even if they are not active […]

mod_security, Comodo WAF, and more upgrades to our CPanel Web Hosting Plans

This is our second Blog post on recent upgrades on our CPanel Plans, where we are introducing new changes to our systems. In the last post, we covered Apache 2.4 and the step forward it provides in terms of performance and capability without sacrificing compatibility. We will now be covering more changes coming up that […]

Top NZ Web Hosting Support

We regularly get new clients signing up to our NZ Web Hosting services, after they have moved to us from another NZ Web Hosting company. Often their main reason for moving to us is because they have heard good things about our service and support, and they are dissatisfied with their  current web hosts service […]

Shared Hosting Upgrades and New Shared Hosting Quotas

Shared Hosting Upgrades At the Lounge Network, we make an ongoing commitment to investing in resource and technology that ensures our servers run at optimal performance & availability – and most importantly – keeps your website or app running smoothly. Recently this has included; • a complete overhaul of the shared hosting architecture at the […]