Free Shopify NZ Setup

We are pleased to now offer Free Shopify NZ Setup* for New Zealand businesses. As a result of COVID19, many New Zealand businesses have seen the urgent need to get their business online. Many NZ businesses infact weren’t able to sell anything for over month, because they didn’t have any online store or website that customers could order or communicate through, while the New Zealand lock-down was in place.

Many NZ businesses have therefore seen the urgent need to setup an online presence, so they can sell their products online. What will happen to your business if New Zealand or your region has to go back into lockdown?

Our Free Shopify NZ Setup service includes us setting up a blank new Shopify NZ store for you with Shopify, and then setting you up a new .NZ domain name (our normal Domain Registration Fees Apply)*. We will connect up your new domain name to your new online Shopify store for you. So all you then need to do is configure your store through Shopify, add new products, and you are then away.

Our Free  Shopify NZ Setup service doesn’t include any of the configuration or customisation of the Shopify store, adding products, template setup, paid templates etc, nor the registration fee for the domain name. All of this can be done by the client through the Shopify control panel, and Shopify NZ has plenty of tutorials showing how to set various things up. However if you want to hire the NZ Ecommerce professionals to setup all these things  for you, or you don’t have the time or computer skills to do this yourself, you can also commission us to do this for you through our Design Lounge Web Design Brand.

To setup your new online Shopify Store, please follow the simple steps below.

Step 1.

First you will need to register a new Domain Name through our NZ Domain Manager (eg . If you are a NZ business, you will usually choose a .nz, or a domain, or both. But you may also want to chose a .com . You can register as many domains as you want, but only one of them can be used as your websites domain name. The other domains can be setup to automatically redirect to your main website domain name. You can setup a free NZ Domain Manager account at  and follow the registration steps, and make payment. You can also register different variants of that domain name, if you need more than just one domain anme. Once you have done this, please return to this page.

Setup a Domain Name Now

Step 2.

Once you have registered your domain name, and followed the instructions and paid, please email us. Please provide us with your NZ Domain Manager Username from above, and enter the  domain name you want the new Shopify NZ Store setting up under. Please also provide your Full name, your Business name,  your Address and Phone Number. In the subject line of the email, please type ‘Shopify Setup’

Email Us Your Contact Details Now

Once we have setup the domain name and the Shopify NZ store, and connected the domain to the store, you will be sent an email from Shopify.

Step 3.

You will  receive an email containing access details for your Shopify store, and you will need to agree to the Shopify Terms and Conditions prior to using it . Once you are logged into Shopify NZ, you can start setting up your website in development mode. We can give you 30 days in development mode to try out the Shopify NZ service, but once that time is up, you will need to setup your payment details with Shopify, and agree to their terms and conditions. In order to setup some things such as some of the apps or themes, you may need to upgrade immediately to a paid store to complete some of those tasks. Please note that the Shopify store agreement is solely between yourself and Shopify, and we are not party to that agreement. You will pay Shopify directly for the Shopify service.

Due to Shopify servers not having Nameservers, it therefore requires that a DNS server is used. This is to point the web traffic of your NZ domain to the Shopify servers. For DNS we usually use Coudflares Free DNS plan for connecting the domain up to Shopify NZ. So we will set you up with a Cloudflare account, which means you will also receive email details for your free Cloudflare account.


I have already setup a trial store directly with Shopify, can you help me set it up and connect it to a NZ domain. 

No you would need to get us to setup a new trial store for you, to then connect up a new domain to. Please contact us if yo need more information.

How long is the trial period of the Shopify NZ Store?

Shopifys normal trial period is 15 days, however we will give you up to 30 days trial as a development store, before we fully assign the store over to you. When we assign it over to you,  you will need to agree to Shopifys terms and start paying for it. If you don’t start paying or agree to the terms then it will be deleted. You an also request we assign it over to you earlier than 30 days, so it can be assigned over to you from day 1.

When you register my domain for me, is it registered under my name?

Yes. The domain is registered under your name, and you are the registrant of it. For example: If you register it under a company name, then that company will be the registrant. Or if you register it under a personal name, then that person it is registered under will be listed as the registrant.



Other  Website options:

If you are wanting a website, but are not wanting Ecommerce functionality, please contact our NZ Web Design Partner,  Design Lounge at .


Additional Terms of our Free Shopify NZ Setup Offer

This setup free does not include the annual domain registration and renewal fees, nor any of Shopify NZs fees . NZ Domain registation fees will be charged out at our normal rate which can be viewed in our Domain Manager.  Domains name must be registered through us in order to qualify for free setup. If you already have a domain name that you purchased through another company and it isn’t being used, you must transfer the domain name across to our NZ Domain Manager system. You then need to renew the domain for at least 1 year, in order to qualify for our free Shopify setup service. If you have a domain name that you are already using for email or other services, then additional adjustments will be needed. This situation may incur some setup fees, as it has  more complex setup requirements. Domain names are registered through our NZ Domain Manager system at , which you can do at any time . Domain names are service that we have been providing for nearly 20 years. Being a Shopify Partner, we may get a commission for referring you to Shopify.