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For a limited time Sharesies New Zealand are offering a free $5 credit for friends who signup to Sharesies using our Sharesies promo link below. Sharesies is an online investment platform, designed to make investing easy.

Using Sharesies you can buy three types of investments. These are Managed Funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and you can also buy into Companies. They have over 165 companies and funds to choose from.Their fees are based on how much money you have invested, but anything under $50, it is free. $50 and over and pricing starts from $1.50 a month. Over $3000 and it is $3 per month. They do have some additional fees if you are buying into companies. More info is on their website.

The Sharesies Promo Code link you need to use to signup is

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Please note that you need to fully complete the entire signup process in order for you to qualify for the free $5 credit. We have noticed that some friends have started, but have not yet completed the signup process. Please note that you shouldn’t need to enter any promo code in the signup form


Please note that we also receive a $5 commission if you signup as part of this offer. This offer may be withdrawn at anytime. We are not responsible if you signup and don’t get the $5 credit. None of the information on our website constitutes any financial advice. You should contact a financial advisor for any financial advice. We don’t endorse any companies we list on this page. Any investment is at your own risk.

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