Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation, commonly known as SEO, is one of the popular buzz words on the internet at the moment. There are companies all over the world that claim to offer SEO, and offer all sorts of promises about getting you to appear at number one in a search engine for a particular keyword. However true SEO doesn’t exist, and often these companies will use tricks, which could negatively affect your websites ranking in the long term.

There are all sorts of reasons why some websites rank highly, and others don’t, and it is largely to do with how popular your website is and how many other high ranking websites link to your website. We don’t make any hollow promises regarding SEO. Instead we design all websites to be ‘Search Engine Friendly’, and to follow Googles own ‘Best Practises’ when it comes to designing a website for search engines.

There are also other solutions for getting your website to appear highly in Google for certain keywords, including Googles own ‘Ad Words’ system where you pay a set figure each time someone clicks on your Google Ad Words advert. For more information about our Web Design Services,  please visit