E-commerce Development

One of the beauties of the internet, is that it enables anyone to have their own E-commence website to sell their products, without the need for a physical store. Having your own online shop on the internet, opens up your business from a solely local market, to instead catering to a national or a global marketplace. Having an E-commerce website, is also often a very cost effective way to sell products, with minimal overheads compared to that of a physical store.

There a lot of great success stories out there, of companies who have done very well from their E-commerce websites. Some of the E-commerce systems we have set-up for clients have been success stories in their own right. There are a range of different E-commerce solutions out there that we can provide, and the ideal E-commerce solution will usually depend on the clients requirements and budget. We can work with both SaaS (Software as a service) systems, as well as self hosted E-Commerce systems.

We get a lot of enquiries from people requiring information about setting up online shops. In fact more than half of all our enquiries relate to setting up E-commerce solutions. Over the past decade we have designed a wide range of E-commerce based websites for clients around New Zealand. These shopping carts can be viewed in our portfolio section of our website at www.designlounge.co.nz