HelloFresh NZ Review

HelloFresh NZ Review

HelloFresh NZ Review

This HelloFresh NZ Review is based on our experiences with using the HelloFresh NZ service. When it comes to your main meal of the day, most people like to know what they are eating. This includes what ingredients go into their meal, how healthy and fresh the ingredients are. Or how your meal is prepared and cooked.

When you go to a restaurant for dinner, you don’t usually know the quality of the ingredients before you get your meal. This includes both the the quality and freshness of the meat and vegetables/salad. Nor do you know how hygienically it has been prepared, or even the cleanliness of the utensils and table that you are eating at.    You are therefore putting a lot of trust in the restaurant, that they are doing everything correctly.

This makes cooking at home an ever increasing attractive option for many. It puts you in total control of what you are eating, and how that meal is prepared for you. This is where recipe boxes like HelloFresh NZ recipe boxes can give people the best of both worlds. You get restaurant or bistro quality meals, at a far lower price than you would pay in a restaurant.

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Cooking the HelloFresh NZ meals yourself allows you to see exactly what goes into you meal. It also allows you to modify it as you see fit, and the easy to follow recipe instructions make cooking it a pleasurable experience. Yes you do have to cook and prepare your meal, but that process can be fun, and other family members can help. Also if you are worried about washing up, we found that best way around this is that the person who doesn’t do any cooking has to wash up.

Most of the meals we got were relatively easy to cook,  which means that even a cooking novice shouldn’t have too many problems preparing a meal. Below are some genuine non photoshopped images of a few of the meals that we have cooked. As you can see they look like the type of meal that a small boutique bistro may serve to you.

Meal Photos

These HelloFresh NZ recipe and food boxes are also a great solution over the Christmas and New Year  holiday break. This is because you don’t then need to worry about what to cook, or visit the supermarket for your main meals.

HelloFresh NZ delivers your recipe box straight to you door, for you to pop straight into the fridge.  You will then have all your meals ready to cook for that week. The box is packed with and insulated bag and ice bags,   so that  ingredients that may spoil, are kept cool during transit.


One of the things we were most impressed with was the freshness of the produce. Compared to the quality of vegetables for sale at our local supermarket, the HelloFresh NZ produce looked a lot fresher.  Likewise the meat was all fresh and  vacuum packed, minimizing the risk of juices leaking out. As you have  choice of recipes for each week, we also enjoyed giving a vegetarian meal a try each week.

If you are new to HelloFresh NZ and are looking for a discount off your first HelloFresh NZ recipe box, please use the HelloFresh Discount code button below. This will take you to the page with the latest HelloFresh NZ discount codes that we have.

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* HelloFresh will have their own Terms and conditions for their discount offers. Please note that this is an affiliate link, so we do receive a commission from HelloFresh for any new customers that signup to HelloFresh  NZ using our affiliate link.  This is a subscription service, so if you no longer want to future boxes delivered, you must cancel the service with HelloFresh NZ via their website.  Please note that we have no control over this discount and offer and when HelloFresh will amend or remove it, so if the code no longer works or the discount rate changes, then the promotion will have been modified or ended. This is a limited time offer. Meal photos taken by DesignLounge

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