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NZ Domain Names

NZ Domain Auctions

The Lounge Networks .NZ Domain Auction service, provides the ability for anyone to bid on recently expired .NZ Domain Names. Every month approximately 2000 .NZ of domains expire. This occurs when the original Domain registrar fails to renew their domain name by the scheduled expiry date. When this happens, the domain name is placed into […]

Renew a Domain

Need to renew your existing Domain Name? Simply click the button below. You can renew your domain name for up to 10 years in advance.     If your .NZ domain isn’t currently registered with us, you can transfer it instantly for free, and all your existing domain credit will transfer with the domain name. […]

NZ Domain Names

Domain Names

The Lounge Network is one of New Zealand’s longest serving .NZ Domain Name Providers. We’ve been providing domain names to our clients since  2001, which was at a time when there was just one .NZ domain registrar in New Zealand. As well as .NZ domain registration, we also provide domain registration for a wide range […]