NZ Domain Auctions

NZ Domain AuctionsThe Lounge Networks .NZ Domain Auction service, provides the ability for anyone to bid on recently expired .NZ Domain Names.

Every month approximately 2000 .NZ of domains expire. This occurs when the original Domain registrar fails to renew their domain name by the scheduled expiry date. When this happens, the domain name is placed into ‘Pending Release’ status for 90 days, rendering the domain ‘inactive’. If they still haven’t renewed the domain after the 90 days are up, then the domain is released back into the public pool, allowing anyone to register it on a first come, first served basis. The Domain  Auction start price begins from just $NZ23.95 +GST, which includes a year of registration.


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How the .NZ Domain Auction Process Works

Auctions commence when the .NZ Domain has entered the ‘Pending Release’ state, which occurs when a Domain Registrant fails to renew their domain prior to it’s expiry date, but they still have 90 days to renew it. The domain will  be displayed on the Domain Auction website when in ‘Pending Release’, and the domain auction will run during it’s pending release period. .NZ Domain Auctions can run for up to 90 days during the pending release period. The auction will end when  either the domain is released back to the public, or if original registrant renews the domain name, rendering the auction void.

If the auctioned domain is released back to the public, the Domain Auction system will attempt to register the domain name for the highest bidder, at the exact time when the .NZ Registry releases the domain name for registration. The .NZ Registry registers domains on a ‘first come, first served basis’. Therefore the auction system will make it’s best effort to secure the domain name. However there is no guarantee that the registration attempt will be successful. This is because there are also other automated auction systems operating, that may register it in first. This is especially likely if it is popular domain name.  There is no charge to the highest .NZ Domain auction bidder if the domain registration attempt fails.

We also offer ‘Recently Released .NZ Domains. These are domain names that have been released but not yet registered to a new Registrant.
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