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Spark / Xtra / Yahoo email problems, when sending via their SMTP server.

There are reports that Spark / Xtra / Yahoos email system is currently blocking authenticated third party email addresses, from sending via their SMTP server. This problem is apparently causing emails sent via Spark / Xtra /Yahoos SMTP server, to bounce back with the following error 550 5.7.1 You are not authorized to send as  name@yourdomain.co.nz […]

Clarification about our support for third party Email Software

Approximately 50% of all support requests we get are regarding email. The vast majority of these are to do with clients own third party email software such as Outlook, and the problems they are having with it. We have never officially provided support for the third party email software that clients have installed on their […]

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Email Performance and Future Upgrades

Email is a service that has become so ubiquitous in daily life that it is rarely given a second thought. That is, until it stops working. Unfortunately, on November 12th this year, that’s exactly what happened for a number of Lounge Network email users, who were hosted on the Auckland based email cluster. All Web […]

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Top 10 Reasons why NZ Business’s need to stop using free ISP email addresses – UPDATED

We continue to be astounded by the number of New Zealand businesses of all types and sizes, that continue to use the free email addresses that their Internet Service Provider (ISP) gave them. These are the free email accounts that ISPs give their customers when they signup to a new internet connection, and the free […]


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Other Business Email Hosting Features Please note that our version of Atmail is specially customised for our email servers. Therefore some features may be disabled for compatibility or licensing reasons. Our email systems do not support Microsoft ActiveSync.