Clarification about our support for third party Email Software

Approximately 50% of all support requests we get are regarding email. The vast majority of these are to do with clients own third party email software such as Outlook, and the problems they are having with it.

We have never officially provided support for the third party email software that clients have installed on their PC, however in the past we have tried to help where we can.  However due to the growth of mobile email clients, and the vast range of different email clients out there, we will now not be doing this to the same extent. This is because it has taken up such a vast amount of our time. Our free support that is included with our hosting service will instead be limited to only supporting the Webmail system. So any checking of email logins and password, and email receiving and sending will be done via webmail. This is because Webmail is a constant that all clients have, and it is the same version across all clients, so we only have to support one type of email platform, instead of hundreds.

We will also support the checking our email settings in third party email software to make sure you are using the correct POP, SMTP and port numbers, but clients will need to send us screengrabs of  ALL email settings pages, and provide us with full information at the time a support request is made. Generally if clients are having trouble with their own software, they will need to contact either the person who manages their computer or their email software vendor that they purchased the software from, if they don’t have the technical knowledge to do this themselves.

We will provide limited support for third party email software where we can, but we will need to charge for this support at our hourly rate, and we never guarantee a solution due to it being third party software.

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