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Vodafone is closing it’s NZ Domain and Web Hosting Services – We Can Help You

As you may have heard in the NZ media, Vodafone New Zealand is closing down it’s NZ Domain Registration, Web Hosting and Email hosting services. Vodafone will need all of it’s customers to move their domain, web and email hosting services before 28th February 2019. If you are a Vodafone customer and are in this […]

Vodafone Email – Vodafone NZ phasing out their email services

UPDATE: Since we originally wrote this article, Vodafone are extending the phase out to other email addresses as well. Vodafone is phasing out their email services. Vodafone say that they are not able to provide the level of service that customers require for an email service The email services that will be phased out will […]

Upcoming Hosting Upgrades to the CPanel Servers

Hello again for another in our series of posts, upgrades for the Lounge network, where we are introducing new changes to our CPanel Web Hosting systems. In our last few posts, we have focused on Apache specifically so we want to touch on other improvements in the posts coming up. These upgrades are in progress, […]

mod_security, Comodo WAF, and more upgrades to our CPanel Web Hosting Plans

This is our second Blog post on recent upgrades on our CPanel Plans, where we are introducing new changes to our systems. In the last post, we covered Apache 2.4 and the step forward it provides in terms of performance and capability without sacrificing compatibility. We will now be covering more changes coming up that […]

Top NZ Web Hosting Support

We regularly get new clients signing up to our NZ Web Hosting services, after they have moved to us from another NZ Web Hosting company. Often their main reason for moving to us is because they have heard good things about our service and support, and they are dissatisfied with their  current web hosts service […]

Clarification about our support for third party Email Software

Approximately 50% of all support requests we get are regarding email. The vast majority of these are to do with clients own third party email software such as Outlook, and the problems they are having with it. We have never officially provided support for the third party email software that clients have installed on their […]

Unlimited Internet Plan ISPs in NZ Compared

We have been providing Unmetered Web Hosting and Email Hosting to our New Zealand clients for a good many years. We are pleased to now see that more and more NZ ISPs are now offering Unlimited Internet plans to complement this. Below is a list of NZ ISPs who are currently offering Unlimited Internet Plans […]

Best NZ Web Hosting – You get what you pay for…

In recent weeks we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of  new potential web hosting clients contacting us,  looking for a new NZ based web hosting provider, and wanting to find the Best NZ Web Hosting for their website and email. The types of people contacting us mainly fall into one main category. […]

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Kiwi Onlines Email and Web Hosting services closing down

As you may have heard in the media, the ISP Kiwi Online has announced that they are closing down on the 30th of April 2014. As a result they will be ceasing all email and web hosting services. They have written to all their customers explaining that customers will need to find a new supplier […]

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Happy New Year…New Years Resolutions…

We would like to wish all our clients a very Happy New Year, and hope you all had a great Christmas break. The year has gotten off to a busy start, and it is no more busy than for Telecom NZ (which they subcontract out to YahooXtra), whose email service appears to have been hacked […]