Happy New Year…New Years Resolutions…

We would like to wish all our clients a very Happy New Year, and hope you all had a great Christmas break.

The year has gotten off to a busy start, and it is no more busy than for Telecom NZ (which they subcontract out to YahooXtra), whose email service appears to have been hacked all over again. As at the time of writing this, they haven’t disclosed too much information on their website, apart from saying that there is a problem, but it appears to be a similar problem to what occurred last year. This appears to be the third time in the last year that this sort of thing has happened. When this happens, it also causes problems for us, as we get a dramatic rise in the number of email spam going through our systems. We also get a huge rise in false support requests, which we have to manually check.

It also causes other problems for our clients, who have had problems receiving emails from  YahooXtra email addresses, due YahooXtras email servers IP being blacklisted with RBL databases around the world. Like many of our clients who have been affected by this, we are totally over YahooXtras email service and these problems. We have therefore decided to lay down the challenge to all NZ Businesses who still happen to be using the free email address their ISP provides to them, to make a New Years resolution. That New Years resolution is to get a proper domain based email address instead of the free one that your ISP gave you. This doesn’t just apply to YahooXtra / Telecom customers either, but to all NZ businesses who are still using the free email address that their ISP gave them when they signed up. In 2014 there is no reason why any NZ based business should be still using a free ISP email address. The only use for an ISP these days is for a backup email address to use.

Some time ago we wrote the following article ‘ Top 10 Reasons why NZ Business’s need to stop using free ISP email addresses’. We suggest all NZ businesses that are still using a free ISP email address read this. It could potentially save your business a lot of money and lost business resulting from lost emails.

If you are a NZ business, and need help moving to a domain based email system, we are specialists in this area and can help you. Please contact us for more info.


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