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One of the most common types of enquiries we get at the Lounge Network, is from people who are having trouble with their current NZ Web Host provider. They are contacting us as a potential new reliable NZ Web Host for their website hosting.

Reliable NZ Web HostOne of the common traits with these types of enquiries, is that  the potential new client is usually paying very little for their current web hosting. However they are expecting a high quality reliable service with top level support. But often good reliable NZ web hosting with top level support, is not compatible with cheap pricing.

The best NZ Web hosts, are those where the web hosting just works, and has rock solid server reliability.

When you purchase web hosting, the last thing you want to have to worry about is the website not loading, and a lot of web hosting hosting downtime. This costs the client valuable time and money, in both working out what is wrong, as well as potential sales if it is a business website. So when you buy budget or cheap NZ web hosting, you are often not buying reliable NZ Web hosting.

There are a lot of ways a low cost NZ Web host could cut back on their costs. One way is for the NZ Web Host to cram as  many hosting accounts as they can onto the web server. This may be fine for while, as the server is filling up with new accounts, however once the server reaches capacity and then becomes overloaded with accounts, that is when you will then start to experience problems with your NZ web host. Such problems may be the website ‘timing out’ due to high loads, or the server experiencing extended periods of downtime.

As a rule, the cheaper the web host is, the more accounts the NZ web hosting provider needs to cram onto a server. It is simple economics.

Unlimited NZ Web Hosting data and bandwidth – It doesn’t exist if you want a Reliable NZ Web Host

The fact is that the NZ Web Hosting market is a very competitive market, and in recent years many NZ web hosting companies have been in a ‘race to the bottom’ , offering cheap prices andmore diskspace and bandwidth. They do this in order to secure a steady flow of new web hosting customers. As a result many NZ web hosts now advertise ‘Unlimited’ storage and bandwidth, in an attempt to gain your business over other NZ web hosts who have quota allocations.

However the simple fact is that unlimited NZ web hosting storage and bandwidth doesn’t exist with any reliable NZ web host. A server contains disk drives that have a finite size. Servers can only cope with a certain amount of bandwidth. So there is no such thing as ‘Unlimited’ storage or bandwidth when it comes to a reliable NZ web host.  NZ web hosts are able to advertise unlimited space and bandwidth, because they restrict the service some other way within the fine print. They often hide the restrictions in their terms and conditions. The most common way they do this, is by restricting the number of files (often referred to as inodes to confuse things) you are able to store in your hosting account. This also often includes your emails. Potentially each email is an inode.

We don’t believe in this type of advertising and practice. As a result we clearly define the amount of storage and bandwidth each of our reliable NZ Web host plans comes with, so clients know what they are getting.

If you pay peanuts for your NZ Web Host, you are likely to get Monkeys.

As with many things in life, you do very much get what you pay for with web hosting. So if you are only paying a few dollars a month for your web hosting, it is unlikely you will end up getting a high quality and reliable NZ web host service. One of the biggest costs with any NZ Web hosting company are staffing costs. In order to save money on staffing costs, some NZ web hosts may have a very large ratio of clients to a single support member. Alternatively they may contract out their support to a third party support company. This is often subcontracted offshore to a low wage economy, or to somewhere where they employ low skilled staff who are only paid the minimum wage. Potentially the NZ Web Host could be doing all these things in order to bring their staffing costs down.

If the NZ web host is contracting out their support overseas, a  major downside with this is the language barrier. Often customers are often communicating with someone where English isn’t their first language. So if you need to contact support to fix an issue, it may take several attempts to contact them, before they actually understand what you mean  To use overseas contact centres for web hosting support is now quite a common practice for many low cost web hosting providers.  Often these staff are just following flow charts, and reading from support websites,  rather than having much of their own technical knowledge.

The Lounge Network is different.

The Lounge Network however is different. We don’t contract out support, nor do we use low skilled / low wage staff. All of our front end support is provided from staff inside New Zealand. We have over 16 years of experience of NZ Web Hosting knowledge, and we provide each web hosting account with their own personalized client manager, who will look into any support you require.

Business Quality Hosting plans, made for New Zealand business.

There is a balance between price, web hosting reliability, and overall quality of service, with any reliable web hosting service that you buy. Our web hosting isn’t the cheapest you will find, however we are proud to provide some of the most reliable NZ web hosting in the current market. Our reliable NZ web host plans are priced at an affordable level. Likewise we also provide some of the best web hosting support in the New Zealand market, and have a huge amount of knowledge which we have gained over the more than 16 years we have been in the industry.

Our NZ Web Hosting, and NZ Email Hosting plans offer ample storage and bandwidth for the majority of clients needs.

If you want to shift to a reliable NZ Web host that has over 16 years of providing NZ web hosting to New Zealand businesses, please view our Premium NZ Business Web Hosting Plan by clicking the button below. You can also signup here.

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