Are all NZ Web Hosts suitable for business use?

There are many NZ web hosting companies out there, but the question many businesses may ask is, are they all suitable to host my businesses website and email on?

The short answer is NO, they aren’t. Not all web hosting is the same quality, as not all web hosting has the same redundancy, backups and reliability. In general, the cheaper the web hosting is, the less suitable for business use it may be. In-fact many may even say that they are best suited for personal website use.

We have heard a lot of horror stories when businesses use cheap web hosts. One recent example is of a web host whose email servers harddrive died. They didn’t have any backups, nor was it using RAID. It took them days to restore the data, and even then, a lot of the data had been lost, so many of their customers lost a lot of emails. They told their angry customers, that in order to have such redundancy, they would need to charge a lot more. That is true, in order to provide a good level of redundancy is expensive. We do provide high levels of reduancy in case of problems, and as a result our web hosting does cost us a more to provide, however it is higher quality and more suitable for business use.

Can your business afford to be without email for days, and lose all their email data? Although no web host can guarantee that something like that could never happen, with our Premium Business Web hosting plan, we do have additional redundancy in the form of a Clustered web hosting network, and comprehensive backups in place, to reduce the risk of that sort of thing occurring. Please feel free to contact us with your business web hosting requirements.

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