Amazon Prime Video NZ – FREE TRIAL

Amazon has just announced that they have just launched Amazon Prime Video NZ in New Zealand. This means that New Zealanders can access popular shows such as the new ‘Grand Tour’, featuring Jeremy Clarkson,  Richard Hammond and James May. They do currently also have a Free Trial.

Currently Amazon Prime Video NZ offers a cheaper option to competing online video steaming services, such as Lightbox and Netflix. Amazon Prime Video NZ members are also able to download films and tv shows for offline viewing on their mobile device, for when people are away from the internet. This is perfect when travelling in the car or on the train. This is a big advantage over some other online streaming only services, which require an internet connection at all times.
Amazon Prime Video NZ can be accessed using apps on many Apple and Android devices. It can also be accessed from Amazons own low cost Amazon Fire Tablet NZ tablets which you can purchase here.

Amazon do currently offer a FREE TRIAL for new Amazon Prime Video NZ accounts. So what do you have to lose?


Amazon Prime Video NZ

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