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Major Upgrades to our CPanel Web Hosting Platform

Over the last few months our upstream providers have been rolling out a new shared platform onto CPanel servers to take them to the next level. These upgrades are meant to accommodate where the internet and websites are going, rather than where it has been. To do that, we have gone back to basics to […]

Top NZ Web Hosting Support

We regularly get new clients signing up to our NZ Web Hosting services, after they have moved to us from another NZ Web Hosting company. Often their main reason for moving to us is because they have heard good things about our service and support, and they are dissatisfied with their  current web hosts service […]

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Lots of New Top Level Domain Name Extensions Released

Our clients are now able to register a whole new range of recently released Top Level Domain Name Extensions. Gone are the restrictions of, .com, .net etc at the end of your domain. You can now register new domains such as .builder, .kiwi, .bike or .me ! Most of these new domain names are […]

NZ Domain Names

.NZ Domains 30 Day expiry for UDAIs

.NZ Domain Registrants should know that UDAIs (Unique Domain Authorisation ID) for all .NZ domains now expire after 30 days after they have last been generated. If you have previously saved your UDAI and it is older than 30 days, it will now be invalid. If you need your domain UDAI for registering a new […]

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Apply to Pre-register a shorter .NZ Domain Name TODAY

Stake your claim in the .NZ land grab Apply to Pre-register a shorter .NZ domain TODAY   For the first time ever, ‘second level’ domains like the .co in ‘’ and the .org in ‘’ are going to become optional. You’ll be able to get .NZ domain names with them, without them, or both. For […]

NZ Domain Names

New .NZ Domains Coming 30th September – New era of choice in .nz domain names

The .NZ Domain Registry has announced that from 1pm, 30 September 2014, a significantly amended .nz policy will come into effect – ushering in a new era of choice in .nz domain names. From that date, people will be able to register shorter, simpler, more representative names immediately before the .nz – as well as […]

Kiwi Domain

.kiwi Domain Names Now Available

As of the 1st May, .kiwi domains can now be registered from the Lounge Network. For you or your customers this might be a great opportunity to own a piece of digital real estate that’s been unattainable under You might also be interested in protecting your intellectual property under the new TLD. We are […]

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Has your NZ Web Host done a disappearing act?

Every now and then we get contacted by website owners hosted by other web hosts, telling us that their website has gone offline and they can’t contact their web host. They are wanting us to urgently help them get their website and email back online. Their existing web hosts website maybe offline, and all attempts […]

NZ Domain Names

NZ Domain Name Warnings – What to look out for

In recent months we have come across a small number of clients who have transferred their .NZ domains into our automated NZ Domain Manager system from a third party domain provider, and discovered some serious problems with their NZ domain names. The first problem that some new domain name clients have informed us about, is […]

Best NZ Web Hosting – You get what you pay for…

In recent weeks we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of  new potential web hosting clients contacting us,  looking for a new NZ based web hosting provider, and wanting to find the Best NZ Web Hosting for their website and email. The types of people contacting us mainly fall into one main category. […]