Top 3 Password Managers for NZ Businesses

Passwords are one of the most frustrating things when using the internet. You seem to need a different username and password for almost every website you use. Not only that, but the passwords need to be made up of a combination or numbers, characters, which make them almost impossible to remember.

But don’t worry, there is a solution, and it is called a ‘Password Manager’. Below are the top 3 password managers we have tried. Some are ‘freemium’ where the basic features are free, while if you want more advanced features, it costs.

  1. Last Pass
    This is our most preferred password manager. It can be installed on almost every operating system, including mobile OS’s including iPhone and Android. It isn’t perfect, but is probably the most perfect we have found.
  2. RoboForm
    Both a free and and paid versions. The free version apparently only supports up to 10 logins.
  3. KeePass
    An opensource password management system. Doesn’t have the features of the 2 above, but it is free.



Please note that we don’t accept any responsibility for any of the above software, and would be used at your risk. We have no association with the above software, nor are we paid anything to list them here.

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