Amazon Fire TV Review NZ

Updated: Amazon Fire TV Review NZ
The Amazon Fire TV NZ is Amazons answer to streaming TV, Video and Movie content online. It is Amazons own streaming media box. This is a brief Amazon Fire TV Review NZ, comparing the different models and the most recent updated Fire TV NZ models.

Fire TV Review NZThis Amazon Fire TV Review NZ will briefly look at the three different Amazon Fire TV Packages that they sell. These are the regular Fire TV NZ box, the Fire TV Stick NZ, and the Fire TV Gaming Edition NZ. The Amazon Fire TV Stick NZ is a cheaper, and less powerful version of the regular Amazon Fire TV NZ box. It is also a similar size to the Google Chromecast, but unlike the Chromecast, it comes with a remote control and an onscreen menu system.

The regular Amazon Fire TV NZ box has recently been updated to be faster, now supports 4K Ultra High Definition streaming quality, when used with compatible 4K Ultra HD TVs. 4K is one of the big features of the Fire TV NZ Box, and where it out performs most of its competitors. Most other streaming media devices, including the Apple TVs latest model, still has a maximum resolution of only 1080p.

The other Fire TV NZ package that Amazon sells, is the Fire TV Gaming Edition NZ . This is similar to the Fire TV NZ, but comes with a gaming pad, making it better for playing games. All Fire TV NZ packages allow you to play games, however only the Fire TV NZ box, and the Fire TV Gaming Edition NZ allow you to play higher performance games. The Fire TV Stick NZ will only allow you to play more basic, less graphic intense games.

The Amazon Fire TV NZ compares well to other streaming devices such as the Apple TV, Roku, Xbox Live, and Google Chromecast, and outperforms most in a number of areas. Using these streaming devices such as the Amazon Fire TV NZ, you can use them to stream all sorts of services like Netflix*, Hulu*, the list goes on.

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* Amazon Fire TV Review NZ Note: These models are not directly available for shipping to New Zealand. However you can easily use a freight forward service such as NZ Posts YouShop (Google this), to get your Amazon Fire TV NZ shipped over to New Zealand. As the Amazon Fire TV is made for and primarily sold to the USA Market, some services may not be available in NZ. Some services will require paid subscriptions. Also some power adapters may need to be purchased to work with NZ power supply.If you are buying Amazon Fire TV NZ, and you live in New Zealand, you will need an adapter, as it doesn’t come with a NZ plug. Please also note that it will be geo locked to the USA, so you will need to use a proxy service subscription. Also some services may not work in NZ, and if they do work, you may need to purchase a proxy service subscription. The restrictions on online services are always changing, so you should also do your own research to familiarize your self with what is services are currently available in New Zealand.

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