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Amazon has just released their new flagship Kindle model, which they have named the Kindle Oasis NZ. We hope to review the Kindle Oasis once we get our hands on one. This basic Kindle Oasis NZ review is solely based on photos we have seen of it.

This is one of the first Kindle Oasis NZ Review articles released, and is based on details we have seen on the new Kindle Oasis NZ. The new Kindle Oasis NZ Ereader has been designed to be held one handed, with a thicker bezel on one of it’s sides. The great thing about this though is you can hold the kindle with either hand, and the screen will auto rotate the page orientation depending on whether you hold it left or right handed. It reportedly has the same 300ppi e-ink display unit as the current top of the range Kindle Voyage NZ, but  there has been an increase in the number of LEDs (from 6 LEDs, up to 10 LEDs) used to light the screen, which should produce a far more uniform illumination across the screen.

Kindle Oasis NZ

This is one of the first photos of the new Amazon Kindle Oasis NZ


From our Kindle Oasis NZ Review, we can see that the overall design of the new Kindle Oasis NZ is a strange one. It only weights 131 grams, which appears to be approximately 20% lighter than previous models. However it’s thickness varies across it’s width. It is only 3.4mm at the thinnest point, but steps up to 8.5 millimeters at the thick bezel edge.

One of the most amazing things about the new Kindle Oasis NZ, is that it reportedly has a rechargeable battery case that apparently allows the kindle to last up to 20 months in standby without needing to be charged. That is going to be a big selling point, and is something phone manufacturers should take notice of, as most struggle to get phone batteries to last a day of use.

The design of the new Kindle has been cleverly designed. It has a dual-battery charging system, with a smaller battery in the kindle, and a larger battery built into the case. It does also come with a case, unlike Amazons other Kindles, and it is supposedly a premium leather case, with 12 built in magnets for a secure connection to the kindle, and an autosleep front flap cover. The design of the case which houses the larger battery, cleverly slots into the the rebate at the back of the thinner part of the Kindle screen. Once attached , the case of the new Kindle Oasis NZ should then have a totally flat back to it. The case also charges the main Kindle battery when connected, giving you months of battery life. A new hibernation mode also decreases the battery use when not in use, which will supposedly further extend battery life.This is going to be great for traveling, when you may not be able to easily charge your Kindle NZ.

From our Kindle Oasis NZ Review, we can see that the overall the new Kindle Oasis NZ has a nice clean look to it. However the wider bezel to the right of the screen has already had some mixed reviews, where it has been described as ‘Ugly’. We will be able to judge this once we see it. Normally battery pack cases add a lot of bulk to the back of a device, such as Apples new ‘Ugly’ iPhone battery cases they developed for the iPhone 6s. However Amazons innovative design of the new Kindle Oasis NZ creates a rebate in the actual device, so the battery pack adds no extra thickness to the device, part from the additional thickness of the front of the case. We think that is quite a clever technique. The new Kindle Oasis is quite pricey, partly due to the weaker NZ dollar, but if you want to own what is probably the best Ereader out there, and want better battery life with a lighter screen, then this is a must have.

You can buy your Kindle Oasis NZ by clicking here. Or browse the other Kindle models here. You can also compare the Kindle models at the bottom of this page.

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Kindle Oasis NZ and Case

Kindle Oasis NZ and Battery Case

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