New Domain Name Extensions Added to our NZ Domain Name Manager

We are excited to add a range of new Domain extensions to our NZ Domain Manager. You can check out all the domains we can now register at

Some of these new domains are perfect for certain industries. For example if you are a builder, you can now register a domain that ends in .builder. This means you can now have  www.yourname.builder as your websites domain, and me@yourname.builder as your email address.

Our most popular domain extensions continue to be our .nz, .kiwi, and .com domain extensions. However there is a strong uptake of some of these new alternative domains.  These new extensions can better reflect a businesses name and branding. It also pays to secure your alternative domain to prevent anyone cyber squatting your name, and then trying to sell it back to you. Or one of our competitors buying the domain, and redirecting it to their website.

All domain names registered through the Lounge Network Domain Manager  have FREE advanced DNS control, and DNS templates. These are hosted on NZ based servers. You can also setup FREE URL and email forwarding for your domain. This is often a simple solution if you already have a website and email setup. You just point the new domain to your existing services. With our NZ Domain Manager system, you also have full control over your domain name at all times, by simply logging in via our Domain Manager.

NZ Domain Name


Unlike many domain providers operating in NZ, the Lounge Network is 100% NZ owned with staff in NZ. Many NZ Domain provider now operating in New Zealand are now either owned or part owned by offshore companies, or have their support based offshore. The Lounge Network provide a comprehensive range of  website solutions, including NZ Website setup, NZ Domain Name and Web Hosting solutions, as well as Award Winning NZ design. These are also services we have been providing since 2001, so we are not a startup company.

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